Lola stud


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10K gold stud earring with Spanish zirconium by Safran Collection.
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The stud Lola is a unique earring in solid 10K gold set with Spanish zircons, designed to embody the essence of Mediterranean havens. It recalls the authentic beauty of raw materials such as 10K solid gold and natural crystalline zirconia stones.

The buckle is made of two small oval stones. This collection of solid gold jewelry by Safran Collection is made in Spain, designed to be mixed and matched together.

Dive into the energy of a golden island with Isla Dorada by Safran.

  • 10K solid gold with Spanish zirconium
  • 6 mm length, 5mm width

10K solid gold is destined to last a lifetime and beyond. Crafted with the highest ratio of pure gold, these pieces make up our finest collections.